Installing Emblems

PREPARE NEW EMBLEMS:  You can apply a coat of spray wax to both enhance the appearance and protect your emblems if you would like to.

REMOVE EXISTING EMBLEMS:  One suggestion is to use a blow dryer or heat gun and some fishing line to remove existing emblems. Simply use a back and forth motion with the fishing line to cut through the adhesive. The fender and tailgate emblems have alignment pins on the back, so you will not be able to cut all the way through. Once you've broke through the adhesive, pull outward to remove the emblem.

CLEAN SURFACE:  Wash the vehicle's surface and use a product such as Goo-Gone (or similar) to remove any of the excess adhesive. Alcohol can also be used to clean the surface where the emblems will be placed.

INSTALL EMBLEMS:  Remove the plastic adhesive cover sheet from the back of the emblem to expose the adhesive. For fender and tailgate emblems equipped with alignment pins, align the pins of the emblem with the notches on your vehicle. Gently press the emblem onto the surface.  Apply even pressure and allow at least one hour before exposing to elements such as rain/snow.


Installing Emblems On A Different Model Year

Emblems of a specific year can be placed on any model year vehicle or suitable flat surface. If the alignment pins on the emblems don't match the holes or notches on the vehicle or surface they will be used on, one or even both of the pins can be removed. The alignment pins are just used for alignment, while the adhesive is used to place the emblem on the truck.

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